River Cohen is the CEO of River Cohen Giving, an organization committed to supporting the most critical issues facing society through innovative philanthropic efforts. As CEO, Mr. Cohen has relied on his entrepreneurial acumen and his passion for philanthropy to support any endeavor designed to encourage a greater level of social consciousness while pursuing ends that benefit the whole of society.

In the more than two decades since taking the reins as CEO of River Cohen Giving, Mr. Cohen has consistently reaffirmed his reputation as an innovative professional deeply devoted to social progress. Mr. Cohen’s diverse philanthropic and entrepreneurial achievements are undeniably impressive, yet the head of River Cohen Giving has maintained a clear sense of humility and moral clarity as he continues to develop and apply new strategies intended to yield consistently positive societal outcomes.



Mr. Cohen’s passion for philanthropy is perhaps best understood by his fondness for describing the process of supporting and sourcing causes as “planting seeds of loving kindness.” This phrase has come to represent something of a personal philanthropic philosophy: Through various forms of support, socially conscientious endeavors benefit from early-stage assistance and are thus able to grow strong until they are capable of expanding the reach of their efforts to spread figurative seeds of their own.

In pursuit of especially lofty philanthropic goals, Mr. Cohen has focused the efforts of River Cohen Giving on several specific organizations, including each of the following:

  • Feeding America
  • Forest Preservation Society
  • Jewish Federation of Greater Phoenix
  • Make-A-Wish America
  • St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance
  • The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
  • The Pollination Project

In addition to his longstanding support of each of the aforementioned organizations, Mr. Cohen has demonstrated an ongoing commitment to addressing a wide range of critical issues, including poverty alleviation; health and human rights; disaster and humanitarian relief; education; conservation; arts and culture; and civil rights, along with countless others.



As an entrepreneur, Mr. Cohen is known for his status as a pioneer in the field of electronic payment processing and data compliance. Mr. Cohen is responsible for the development and implementation of an innovative business model that ultimately proved to deliver such exceptional cost-savings to clients that it has since become the industry standard.

Mr. Cohen is also involved in several other endeavors, including PCIHIPPA (co-founder) and Spiritual Gangster (founding investor). In these as well as a number of other entrepreneurial endeavors in which he has served as a business leader, strategic advisor, or investor, Mr. Cohen has repeatedly advocated for a business approach in which social consciousness remains a bedrock principle.



Mr. Cohen currently lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, where he shares a wonderful home with his wife and two children. Although he grew up in Mendocino, California, Mr. Cohen has geographic ties that extend far beyond the Northern California region. Mr. Cohen’s non-profit endeavor is located in Scottsdale, Arizona — just a short drive from the campus of Arizona State University, where the CEO of River Cohen Giving earned his undergraduate degree in management and business administration. Mr. Cohen also holds an executive certification in negotiation from one of the Northeast’s most prominent academic institutions: Harvard Law School.