River Cohen founded River Cohen Philanthropy with several distinct goals in mind: to generate greater awareness of the critical issues facing society while supporting efforts to address those issues; and also to strengthen the philanthropic community in any way possible. In service of the latter goal, River Cohen Philanthropy has taken several steps to encourage people from all walks of life to commit to a greater level of involvement in philanthropic efforts. Those who are interested in taking on a more active role in philanthropy should understand that there are many methods available to anyone who wishes to do their part to improve society through philanthropic efforts.

Philanthropy Comes in Many Forms

There is a common misconception that philanthropists must be independently wealthy. While there are certainly many well-known philanthropists who are incredibly wealthy, philanthropy comes in many forms and financial wealth is not necessarily a prerequisite. It’s important to remember that a donation of one’s time and effort is every bit as valuable as a monetary contribution, and every philanthropic organization requires substantial assistance from human resources in order to ensure they are able to achieve the lofty goals they intend to pursue.

Act Locally

It’s a well-worn phrase that has adorned bumpers all over the country, but however trite it may seem, “think globally, act locally” is a concept that remains incredibly sound. Local, community-based efforts are excellent opportunities to become more involved in philanthropy and are every bit as critical as those that are more recognizable on a global scale. Organized, community-based efforts also play an important role in encouraging others to become more involved in philanthropic efforts as well, which is clearly beneficial when it comes to strengthening the philanthropic community as a whole.

Actively Seek Out Different Perspectives

Generating awareness continues to be one of the great challenges facing the philanthropic community. While there are plenty of strategies for raising awareness of a cause or issue in need of greater support, few are more effective than a face-to-face, in-depth discussion about a particular subject. In order to best understand the full range of issues facing society today, it is necessary for philanthropists to seek out perspectives that differ from their own. With access to a multitude of perspectives, philanthropists can ensure they have a well-rounded, comprehensive understanding when determining how to allocate the resources that might be available to them.

Fostering greater involvement in philanthropy is an excellent strategy for strengthening the community as a whole, which is why it is so absolutely necessary to emphasize that there are countless ways available for those who wish to do their part in some way. Every contribution is valuable and deserving of recognition, as even the smallest investment of time or money helps ensure that continued progress is made toward the achievement of important philanthropic goals.